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Herbs for Autoimmune Disease

Japanese Knotweed – not well known for immune issued, it really works. This herb is better known for being invasive and treating Lyme. This is one of 2 herbs that are making sensational headlines for being able to allow the body to completely rid itself of all Lyme bacteria and co-current infections. Knotweed does this by reducing inflammation and regulating the immune system. It allows the immune system to peak when fighting something, then to relax when the fight is over. For auto-immune issues, this herb calms the immune system down under normal conditions and allows it to work when an infection strikes.

Turmeric – yup, this super spice is here, too. This herb reduces inflammation by helping the adrenals produce anti-inflammatory hormones. It doesn’t actually stop the inflammation, just works to keep it controlled. Turmeric also protects the body from attacks, including self-attacks. There are also now several studies that shows turmeric can reduce the frequency and intensity of lupus attacks.

Ginger – it helps calm the digestive system and since there is more digestive system than the whole rest of the body combined, that’s a good thing. Ginger also stimulates the body to reduce inflammation and supports proper production of T-cells and other immune components. But, you need to be careful, too much for too long can have reverse effects.